Outstanding Mexican Photography at SF Moma

Graciela Iturbide 
Eclectix visited the current exhibit Photography in Mexico at SF Moma. This is a fantastic collection of famous and not-so-famous photographers – all works taken in Mexico. We were very pleased and surprised by the depth, size and selections presented – and so happy to see less commercial and conservative pieces included. So much good work in fact, we may not be able to cover all the bases here. Out of the 150 photos in the show, most are really worth seeing and we really aren’t able to say that very often. 
The artists listed here are the ones which really stood out: Yvonne Venegas, Alejandro Cartagena, Oscar Fernando Gomez, Lourdes Grobet, Pedro Meyer, Graciela Iturbide, Manuel Alvarez Bravo and Paul Strand.
A superb show. It is on exhibit through July 8, 2012.
Paul Strand
Graciela Iturbide 
Graciela Iturbide (cropped)
Pedro Meyer
Alejandro Cartagena
Oscar Fernando Gomez
Lourdes Grobet
Pedro Meyer
Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Yvonne Venegas
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