Opening: The Shinkansen Conspiracy at 111 Minna

Kevin Taylor

Last Gasp exhibitions are always full of faves and this was no exception. To read a little about Last Gasp Books and it’s art lovin’ founder Ron Turner, click here. They chose from their wonderful stable of usual suspects many stunning, surreal and sarcastic works. The opening was (as usual) a very fun time at 111 Minna, we were able to visit with Jennybird Alcantara, Mike Davis, Isabel Samaras and Lee Harvey Roswell.

Lee Harvey Roswell

Isabel Samaras
A new artist that we weren’t familiar with was Jay Howell (below), he has a number of small works present. They have an informal doodley charm, witty and original little pieces, drawn and painted on pages from paperback books.
Jay Howell

Jay Howell

Featured ArtistsRogelio Martinez, Mark Bode, Isabel Samaras, Lee Harvey Roswell, Mark McCloud, Shawn Barber, Justin Green, Michael Hernandez de Luna, Clayton Bros, Jennybird Alcantara, Wilfred Satty, Kevin Taylor, Nicole Buffett, Junko Mizuno, Nora Rodriguez, David Choong Lee, Henry Lewis, Jay Howell, Don Ed Hardy, Doug Hardy, Horitaka, Hal Robbins, Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Paul Mavrides & Kyotaro.

Jennybird Alcantara

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