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Ray Caesar - Eclectix


Just received news that some new Ray Caesar works are available and had to pass on the good word. There’s nothing like a new Ray to put some sunshine in your day! You can buy the limited edition prints by the ever so surreal and fun Ray here, at Gallery House. 

Ray Caesar was born in 1958 in London. At an early age, his family moved to Toronto, Canada, where he currently resides. He attended Ontario College of Art, followed by 17 years working in the art & photography department of the Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto, documenting disturbing cases of child abuse, surgical reconstruction, psychology, and animal research. Coupled with inspiration from surrealists Kahlo and Dali, Caesar’s experiences at the hospital continue to influence his artwork. His haunting imagery is created digitally using 3D modeling software called Maya, mastered while working in digital animation for television and film industries.

These works are currently on exhibit at Corey Helford Circa Gallery in Los Angeles, thru May 11th 2013, Ray Caesar Retrospective, LINK

Six new works and three studies, plus a catalogue of works reflecting his evolution. “As a retrospective, I wanted to show a selection of work from the different stages of the past and definitely show work that hasn’t been seen on the West Coast before,” says Caesar. When asked to describe his aesthetic, the artist replies, “Pretty pictures with a little pinch of pain and putridity portraying the past of a person with more than a few peculiar problems.”

Ray Caesar - Eclectix



Ray Caesar - Eclectix

Mother and Child

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