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We are excited to announce that Volume One of Eclectix is now available!  At long last we finally put the finishing touches on this inaugural issue – full of tons of beautiful luscious artworks, selections from previous Eclectix artist interviews, exhibitions and sundry other tidbits… We have purposely kept the design simple, elegant and clean – allowing the artworks to speak for themselves, without distraction.

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 Inside the pages you will find eclectic inspirations of surrealism, contemporary, macabre, folk, street, fantasy and pop culture. Imaginative skilled fine artists are highlighted, with both established and emerging artists. Now, you can hold it in your hands and feast your eyes on these visionary treats.

Eclectix Interviews: With artists Cate Rangel, Dean Fleming, Kmye Chan, John Howard, Mary Jane Ansell and Robert Steven Connett – with lots of eye candy from their individually stunning portfolios.

Selected Eclectix Exhibits: “Piece Of My Heart” and “Flower Power” – with art by Kerry Kate, Yvette Buigues, Jhina Alvarado, Patrushka, Andre Salcido, Stuart Walker, Flo Simon, Gabrielle Gamboa, Travis Eiden and Diego Marcial Rios.

Spotlights: On artists Paul Lewin and Rey Hernandez.

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