The Evolution of N. C. Winters

N. C. Winters



Featured Artist: N. C. Winters

N. C. Winters is an artist working out of sunny San Diego, constantly drawing, painting, making web comics, working digitally and even at times sculpting. We have enjoyed his splendid works before and shared a few at different times and his full website is a treat to peruse.

However, the last few pieces he has knocked out, show an easy mastering of his skills and the accomplished artist he has become. There is an evolution of breathtaking looseness to his latest works that we love, like Floral Parasite (above), beautifully engaging and full of soul. More texture and freedom play out, with generous highlights and swashes of sureness.


 Eclectix - N. C. Winters

Featured Artist: N. C. Winters

Featured Artist: N. C. Winters



Below is a stunning step-by-step which N.C. recently posted, starting with a gorgeous graphite drawing that would have stood beautifully on its own as a”finished” piece. He then continued by layering paints to complete the heart wrenching final work. The freedom of line in his graphite led thru to the end, resulting in wonderfulness.




nc winters step by step

LINK: To more of N.C.’s eye candy and his website here.

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