“My Neighborhood” by Mia Makila

“In this digital collage, I’ve tried to recreate the distorted memories of the three houses where I lived with the man who abused me both physically and mentally for 5 years…. They are my crime scenes. Making this digital collage about them, hopefully will set me free.”  
We asked Mia why the images were so hazy- “It’s foggy because I’m dealing with PTSD and the memories of the violence are kind of foggy and distant… that’s why..”
 For detail shots and more background go to Mia’s blog, here. We hope this work has helped Mia resolve and move forward.

This was originally published on the homepage of Eclectix, 
in the “Places” (travel & landscape related art) issue, June- 2012
For the “Places” online exhibit, click here.
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