More Human Than Human, Jacub Gagnon’s Art

Jacub Gagnon

Way too often an artist pops up that we can’t believe has escaped our attention before. Toronto artist Jacub Gagnon is one of these – we just fell in love with his works.

Starkly lit with a spotlight stage glow, they harken us back to Ray Bradbury’s Night Gallery. Jacub mixes animals in odd pairings (the prey and the hunter loving each other); incongruous settings, like – a fish on a leash, a fancy teacup with a giraffe inside or a bunny with a drawer coming out of it’s side. Surreal juxtapositions that are witty with whimsy and sweet with emotion. Realism and fantasy, in impossible situations with a reverence for wildlife and nature. All painted in a luscious style on a background of deepest darkest black. Initially one is sure they are painted on black velvet – that how intense the colors and light pop out of the background.


Jacub Gagnon

More Human Than Human, featuring new work by Jacub Gagnon opens at Thinkspace in Los Angeles tonight.

Opening Reception: Sat., Nov. 3rd 6-9PM

 Exhibition Runs: Nov. 3rd – Nov. 24th, 2012

“I feel as though there is more to life than we know and this will always be so. I think there are connections and streams of consciousness tying us together in unimaginable ways. In my paintings I try to make these ‘unlikely’ connections, the unimaginable, imaginable, bringing what might seem like unconnected or unlikely paths of life together under a new light.” – Via an interview with Arrested Motion


Jacub Gagnon keeper of the keysJacub Gagnon perils of the sea

Jacub Gagnon Avi-airy

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