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Featured Artist – Monica Tiulescu

Monica Tiulescu series  ‘Species Work’  is contradictory, multi-leveled work – referencing the past and the future, micro and macro, flat and 3 dimensional. Micro-assemblages that are simultaneously grown computationally and composited materially.

“The series embodies a sense of constructing, of architecture as opposed to a more direct expression through something like, say paint on canvas or pencil on paper. It counterbalances a sense of the algorithmic – as in following a set of protocols – with a solid foundation of the creative impulse of a human. It is as if she sparks an organism into growing and then observes its stages of development, sometimes taking snapshots along the way. Sometimes also, the organism seems to be no longer entirely under her control. A careful balance of the impulse to create with that of letting go to see what develops.

The work also conveys an uncanny sense of science fiction, of future architecture, of the future of biology and evolution. The combination of organic forms, reminiscent of shells, insects, spiders, mollusks, skeletons of dinosaurs, blend with a constructed precision that allows them to build on themselves. This creates within each piece itself a reference to its own beginnings.” – Via Pivot Gallery


“The study of architecture has taught me how to see everything in all its complexity, how to be analytical and learn how to develop methodologies of design. I am interested in the evolutionary process and systems understanding of how organisms propagate and behave. I am especially interested in performance exhibiting conditions of mutation, adaptation, and oscillations between bi-lateral symmetry and breakdowns of symmetry. I also systematically and computationally grow these species taking into account the notion of end or death as a process of regeneration or fluctuation in specific components of the overall form.”

 - Monica Tiulescu -

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