Mike Shine’s Flotsam’s Harvest at 886 Geary

mike shine - eclectix

We stopped into the new home of Shooting Gallery and White Walls to see their current exhibition, Mike Shine’s Flotsam’s Harvest. This is a wonderful show full of Shine’s trademark graphic-heavy works, flavored with a street-meets-old-tyme circus style. We love his sense of color and design, saturated orange reds contrast beautifully with Art Deco pastel greens. Mike manages to combine line art, painting, stencil work, collage and typography into one final punch of an image.  Painted against all manner of wood grains, bead board, found elements and the walls of the gallery space – a transformation into one big top carnival of art.

Link to Mike Shine’s Website

mike shine - eclectix

mike shine - eclectix

mike shine detail - eclectix

Detail, from above piece

mike shine  - eclectix

This new space at 886 Geary combines the two galleries – White Walls and Shooting Gallery – under one roof and they plan to keep both names and websites. Both galleries are owned by Justin Giarla, as well as another, 941 Geary. They will be not be using the 941 Geary name any longer. Currently, there is no signage on the front of the new space, just lots of fresh clean glass and some unfinished wall construction. When asked what the new space would be named, we were told they aren’t sure yet but hope to combine both White Walls and Shooting Gallery into one identity.

The show is up through April 6th, 2013 - LINK

White Walls and Shooting Gallery -Eclectix

New home of White Walls and Shooting Gallery

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