Exhibit Preview: Mario Martinez MARS 1

mars 1

Exhibit Preview: Mario Martinez MARS 1

Toward A Distant Dawn

Coming up in Los Angeles is Mario Martinez’s new solo show at the Martha Otero Gallery. We’ve been entranced with Mario’s vision for years – it is a trip fantastic into mesmerizing outlandish realms. If your lights are on, you’ve probably been arrested by his work exploding out of alley walls or gallery windows, right here in San Francisco.

MARIO MARTINEZ (MARS-1),  June 7 – July 19th, 2014

Martha Otero Gallery

mario martinez martha otero

 Viewing Mario’s work, you should allot quality time to immerse yourself into each new world an individual painting depicts. Suggestions of known and imagined shapes, scientific projections, geometric line works, and vortexes of color – float and collide in psychedelic tornadoes of orgasmic displays.

If there was a soundtrack for viewing his work, suggestions might be: Stereolab, Pink Floyd, Moby, Jimi Hendrix, Bonobo or Orb’s Little Fluffy Clouds. Each painting is like being under the influence of a mind expanding drug – layers of breakthroughs and realizations, distorted perspectives, full of beautiful hallucinations and experiences beyond the daily grind. Hinted inspirations of – space stations, galaxies and supernovas, streamlined roadsters, oceans and clouds, bulbous capsules, brilliant hues of supernatural lights, rainbow auras, and matrix crowns of optical designs.

mars 1


mario martinez SONY DSC

toward a distant dawn mars one



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