DESIGN: Lorenzo Mongiardino

Lorenzo Mongiardino - Eclectix The breathtaking rooms of the interior designer and architect Lorenzo Mongiardino are beckoning beauties full of moody ambiance.  It’s rare that a photograph of a room begs me to jump in and “be” there… The spatial placements, the textures and textiles, the decorative motifs and designs – all call out – oh YES…. The wonderful mix of elegant Parisian salon styling, Grecian palace-style murals and Victorian antiques. Romance and history and sumptuous velvets, what could be wrong? A place where Salome or the Vampire Lestat would feel right at home…

 Lorenzo (Renzo) Mongiardino (1916 –1998) was an Italian architect, interior designer and production designer. He was nominated for two Academy Awards in the category Best Art Direction. The images here are representative of his work and some are of his fantastic personal residence.

Lorenzo Mongiardino - Eclectix
Lorenzo Mongiardino - Eclectix

Italy’s grand illusionist raised atmosphere to an art form

… A house by Renzo Mongiardino was a miracle of stage-set trickery. Floors were paved in marble that was not marble; walls were paneled with Neoclassical boiseries that had been conjured out of paint and shadows; sofas and chairs were upholstered in sumptuous velvets skillfully aged by an artisan who then scribbled on them with colored pens from an office-supply store. “Illusion comes into being as part of the pleasure,” he wrote in Roomscapes, a treatise on his specialty, which he preferred to call “decorative architecture.” The same painters, carpenters, gilders and model makers who manufactured Mongiardino’s sets for stage and screen worked on the maestro’s interiors as well (including Lila de Nobili, a painter and designer whose work in the Italian theater world was every bit as revered as his own). - Via Architectural Digest

Lorenzo (Renzo) Mongiardino - Eclectix

RENZO MONGIARDINO - ECLECTIX Lorenzo Mongiardino - Eclectix

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