LBMA Gets Risqué With Dirty Little Pictures

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Exhibition Preview: Risqué, Dirty Little Pictures

Opening tonight at LBMA (the Long Beach Museum of Art) is Risqué, Dirty Little Pictures, curated by Nathan Spoor and Jeff McMillan. The erotic works will be displayed on the museum’s second-floor Kilsby Gallery – a little above children’s immediate perusal. It is always wonderful to see a “museum” hosting a show with an incredible roster of real contemporary, New Brow artists, so get on down to Long Beach if you can.



Risque Dirty Little Pictures



The curators chose 40 contemporary artists and invited them to execute their vision of what “risqué” meant to them. The question the artists pondered: What makes it “dirty” or “naughty?” In each case, how far each artist would push the subject or explore the theme was a powerful motivation. Risqué is accompanied by a  limited edition portfolio containing each work included in the exhibition.

Preview: Thursday night, September 19th, (info here)

Exhibition Dates: September 20 – November 10, 2013

The line up includes: 8 x 10″ paintings from 40 artists including: Jeremy Lipking, Audrey Kawasaki, Ron English, Soey Milk, Eric White, Glenn Barr, Gretchen Ryan, Brendan Monroe, Aron Wiesenfeld, F. Scott Hess and many more…



nathan spoor-Eclectix preview

Risque Dirty Little Pictures

Risque Dirty Little Pictures

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