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The Bananarama of Lin Shih-Yung (Shih Yung Lin)

We just love Lin’s bizarre paintings of banana people, placed in everyday scenarios – using chopsticks, pouring tea and sometimes in random playful gymnastic positions. They are wonderfully off-the-wall and truly surreal in every sense of the word. His imagery has a vintage palette, speaking of warm lost days and memories. After numerous web searches, we couldn’t find much info about the artist in English – so his wacky works must speak for themselves, and speak they do.



Lin Shih-Yung


“He is very popular in Taiwan with his Banana Men,” according to Ileana Hsu of Da Xiang Art Space. “The banana is kind of the representative fruit of Taiwan, we sold many bananas to other countries and it was one of the first ways we became a country with money.”

In the backgrounds of the paintings, Lin tends to paint an obsolete skyline of his hometown, Miaoli. “Many old buildings have been torn down and new buildings have replaced them,” Hsu says. “He wanted to recreate the city he saw when he was young. The paintings are inspired by the artist’s childhood.”

“He chose to use bananas because people have eyes, noses and mouths and those give identities. He wants us to focus on the atmosphere, not think, ‘Who is she? Who is he?’ So he put a banana on them. He used to draw only a banana,” Hsu says. “Then he made them different sexes. It was step by step.” – Via Miami New Times 



Lin Shih-Yung

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Lin Shih-Yung (Flickr Site)

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