The Lovely Ladies of Laurie Lee Brom



Featured Artist: Laurie Lee Brom

We just stumbled upon the lovely ladies of Laurie Lee Brom and had to share these mystical, enchanting works. Looming mysterious out of swampy darkness, draped in a twilight ambiance – her subjects pose ghostly and beautiful. Surrounded by decorative botanical elements culled from the old south, vintage fashions and summoned spirits – they beckon the viewer with their secret stories. And her blue Elvis qualifies as an honorary lovely lady too – since his beauty gave us all such a run for our money!

Laurie has a new solo show - Madness, Magnolias, and Moonlight, opening this Thursday, at Rog La Rue in Seattle.

Exhibition Dates:  October 3rd – November 2nd, 2013






Laurie Lee has been painting in earnest for about 5 years now. She studied Illustration at Parsons and worked at various art-related jobs – hand coloring etchings, freelance illustration, typical retail art supply jobs – over the years. Laurie and her hubby were about to move to NYC from Atlanta (to pursue freelance illustration jobs) when he was offered a job at TSR (Dungeons & Dragons) as a staff illustrator. Life took a huge turn and the couple moved to Wisconsin and began a family. She put her art on hold to raise the kids and he embarked on a successful career. (That old familiar story…) When the youngest got to middle school, Laurie started getting back into her art but she had to pretty much start from scratch.

The inspiration for this group of paintings, is very much the beauty and magic of her hometown, Charleston, SC (though Laurie now lives near Seattle). The area is full of ghost stories and vintage elegance that she has successfully captured.

“I’m also a huge fan of Pre-Raphaelite art and classical art as story telling. I want the viewer to want to know the back story, but to have to create their own…”



Featured Artist: Laurie Lee Brom

LaurieBrom - Eclectix


Laurie Lee Brom - Eclectix

Featured Artist: Laurie Lee Brom


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