Laurey Foulkes and Her Night Harvest


laurey foulkesThis show ends tomorrow (on Halloween) – where did October go? If you get a chance, skedaddle on down to 4th Street in Berkeley and check out the marvelous paintings by Laurey Foulkes. They are on display in the upstairs gallery of Castle In The Air, a great little shop full of Italian papers, vintage doll parts, handmade steampunk greeting cards and elegant pens. They have vintage style ornaments, a wall of old-school puppets and Venetian masks. If you need a plague mask for Halloween, this is the place!


Laurey’s works are carefully executed surreal dreamscapes, women and girls with visions. They remind one of the mystical surrealism of Remedios Varo. A rewarding little show that takes you back to long ago yearnings, full of symbols and iconic ponderings. My apologies for not getting the word out earlier, this month has been too full of computer hours. Some of the images here have been cropped to show a bit more detail, like the wonderful little trees erupting from the floor (above). Off the wall and so precious!


“Laurey distills the language of dreams, personal history, and the remembered landscapes of youth in her mysterious pictorial space.” – Via Castle In The Air

Castle in the Air, 1805 Fourth Street, Berkeley

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