Kurtis Rykovich’s Immortals

Kurtis Rykovich - Eclectix

Artist Kurtis Rykovich’s Immortals is his newest series of paintings.

They comprise a number of young women with pouting lips and eye glasses or partial glasses. And yes, we do love girls with glasses! They are finely feathered, full of swirling hair, ruffles and birds of a many feather. We’ve always enjoyed Kurtis’s art, exhibiting it in many past shows at Eclectix and these pieces demonstrate he can keep on bringing it.

Kurtis grew up in the small mining town of Ely, NV. There was never much culture or art in the area but his family and mentors always encouraged him to pull from his creativity and create a world far better then his own. Kurtis then attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas where he studied Fine Art which he completed in 2006. Currently located in Palm Springs, Kurtis has always had a fascination with fashion, history, and beauty.

“ I am not so much inspired by the history you learn in textbooks, but I am more drawn to the history of an individual, maybe never documented, and how that history has created such a beautiful or slightly eerie being.”


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Kurtis Rykovich - Eclectix

Kurtis Rykovich - Eclectix

kurtis rykovich - eclectix

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