The Surreal Scenery of Jorge Santos

Coronation – Jorge Santos

Jorge Santos paints incredible surreal scenes which seem like staged tableaus. Each image feels like the elements were placed “just so” – right in your face with their mis-matched contexts and quirky combinations. They are beautifully rendered, in a hyper-realistic style with movie set lighting, adding to the implicit drama of each subject. While each image seems frozen in time, like one snapshot out of so much more – the titles bring it all home, with a sarcastic wit.

We just love the newer piece by Jorge (Maitre’D, below) – it puts a nice creepy twist on the Thanksgiving feast. Brings to mind the models from the famous 80′s Robert Palmer video from  Addicted To Love, sullenly giving us a  ”living dead” stare down. Fantastic!




Tree Hugger – Jorge Santos


“While one could spend hours psychoanalyzing Santos’ imagery, perhaps the best path to understanding his work is of that of a master set designer who creates an emotional landscape and populates it with characters to be animated in the imaginations of his viewers. Santos sets the stage and creates the cast, but each individual who sees the work writes his or her own internal play, making Santos’ work a unique, almost interactive, experience.” – Via Jorge’s Bio ( and we totally agree!)

A Link To Jorge’s Website


Human Attachments ll – Jorge Santos

Mail Order Bride – Jorge Santos

Book Worm – Jorge Santos

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