Jetsonorama in Oakland


Sunday Street Art: Jetsonorama

Jetsonorama is a Navajo Nation physician by day and moonlights as a street artist by night, pasting his enlarged photographs on ruined buildings, market walls, water tanks. Healing bodies by day and inspiring minds by night. Any surface will do, as long as it’s big enough for his subjects to stand out against the vast stretch of desert between Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon, where tourists race through at 70 miles per hour. Wonderful juxtapositions of life and humanity in an otherwise barren landscape. They erupt the normal skyline in an arresting way, calling attention to  poverty, ethnic upheaval and damaged environs – saying “Look at me, I matter too!”

Currently on exhibit at Random Parts in Oakland is a selection of his photography.  Jetsonorama will also create a location-specific artwork in collaboration with Colleen Flaherty in the East Lake neighborhood of Oakland, California. His intervention will be installed on a wall facing the Random Parts gallery and will become a permanent public artwork on the corner of 13th Avenue and East 12th St. in Oakland.

Aldo walking away

The images are monolithic, visually arresting and biodegradable – echoes of human life on the landscape, almost as fleeting in the wind and weather as the moments captured in the photos themselves. – Via High Country News







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