Jessica Joslin: Art & Interview

Jessica creates wonderful assemblage creatures using an array of remnants from the natural world, obsolete bits of antique mechanical mechanisms, vestment trims, glass eyes and other oddball artifacts.


Just found Jessica’s oh-so-cool creatures and while googling her, came across this interview with her, at the Art&Design website. It’s a great exchange about her process and technique, a worthwhile read! Go to:

Just one excerpt-

“Can you recall the moment when you came up with this idea?”“It was a gradual evolution, rather than an “aha!” moment. I had been making mixed-media sculptures, which incorporated bones, seedpods, and other natural objects with man-made found objects (especially parts from very old cash registers, adding machines and medical equipment). One day, I found, by chance, a bag of exquisite taxidermied bird parts, used for millinery c. 1900. That was the beginning of the first of my beasts.”

The Artist’s Website:

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