Jeramy Turner’s Political Apocalypse




Featured Artist: Jeramy Turner

 Jeramy’s art is in-your-face political apocalypse, genuine expressions of a world gone greedy. There is a bleak and surreal sadness to these corporate warmongers, exposing the limited ignorant perspective of selfish power plays. Politicians, businessmen and predators play out their fantasies at the expense of helpless souls, verdant forests and the lost masses of humanity.

One admirable aspect of Jeramy’s work, is the strength, dedication and clarity to paint her passion, to give voice to the injustice. She hasn’t caved to salability – staying true to her own inner voice and vision. Harkening to the old masters like Botero and Hieronymus Bosch, her compositions seek to tell a darker truth. Beautifully painted with vivid colors, her surreal pieces of fantastic turmoil cry out for our attention – to human imperfections and naked truths.






My paintings are about history, society, power and the abuse of power. They are about America, about the horrors inflicted on this earth by American imperialism. They are simultaneously about the will to transform that which appears immutable. My protagonists adapt and mutate to a deadened world, polluted and destroyed beyond comprehension. They are not necessarily present in every painting; even in their corporeal absence, the perpetrators of catastrophe and madness shirk in fear of their potential appearance. I am compelled as I paint to expose as vividly as I can the underside of power: the absurdity, the obesity, the impotence; and then the utter blindness on the part of the rulers to the remarkable realm of human capacity. All of this I want to expose bare-naked and glaring in its startling clarity.










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