Jennybird Alcantara’s New Solo Show

Creatures of Saintly Disguise, Jennybird Alcantara’s new solo show opens this Saturday at Varnish Fine Art.
We are so excited for this exhibit, been eyeing every tidbit of new art coming out of Jennybird for years and her progression as an accomplished and visionary artist keeps blowing my mind. Her perfectionist detailing, layered and luminous colors and beautifully twisted iconography just make your heart ache. If you want to see one of the best art shows in SF this year – then skedaddle on down to Varnish.
She never disappoints!
Opening reception: Saturday June 9th, 6-9pm
Exhibition is up till July 28th, 2012
In this new series, we meet a pantheon of “saints” existing in a more contemplative world than we’ve seen before. The interiors previously glimpsed inside of Jennybird’s hybridized women now unfurl, giving us pause to think about the role of one’s inner dimension in the outer world and letting that interaction exist in the open. With her signature complex and saturated palette, she creates a galaxy of symbols that coalesce into a greater whole, creating a universe that is mystical, playful and, in the words of one writer, “shamanistic.” – Via Varnish
“As humans we crave knowledge and understanding about our place in the Universe and stories (mythology, fairytales) are a way to relate us to other living beings: animals, people, nature… you crave that. If you don’t do (religion) and still have that pulling inside you for wonder and things of a spiritual nature, then I think that those stories present themselves perfectly for that. For me my work blends (it all.)” Jennybird Alcantara
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