Jenn Porreca: Love In Absentia

 JENN PORRECA - Eclectix With her new show  Love In Absentia, Jenn Porreca explores the challenge of doing something as simple as loving each other in the chaotic and complex modern world. With everyone’s reality becoming increasingly fragmented, she attempts to connect the viewer with the universal stream of consciousness through the line in her work. The tension and release of painterly expressionism juxtaposed with the sharp, controlled line represent her search for balance in the duality of life and death. Jenn Porreca is a modern contemporary artist with studios in Los Angeles and London. Claiming marked influences from surrealist art and film, vintage fabric patterns, comics, religious iconography, and silhouette animation, she paints a delicate world of intricately layered styling. A creative alchemist of sorts, she spends days in the studio immersed in literary and visual research, piecing together folklore and color palettes to perfect the unique method by which she produces her work. JENN PORRECA Born to two artists in a small village outside of London, England – her mother a tombstone and monument sculptor and her father a classically trained musician – Porreca spent her childhood living in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Lancaster County, and Pennsylvania before finding herself in San Francisco, where she lived for 15 years. She recently relocated to Los Angeles. – Via Luna Rienne Gallery

Opening reception:  Saturday, March 2, from 6 – 9 PM -  Exhibits until April 15th

At: Luna Rienne Gallery, 3318 22nd Street (near Valencia) in San Francisco

LINK to Jenn’s WebsiteJENN PORRECA - Eclectix

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