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Artitechture: JeeYoung Lee

 Korean artist JeeYoung Lee creates rooms full of art and then photographs them, capturing these mini art installations forever. Rather than creating art on a traditional canvas or a photographic print, she starts from the ground up. Building and rebuilding imaginary worlds within her tiny studio – filling them with color, wonder and creative stagecrafts. Billowing cottony clouds, jumbo coffee filters as mountains of watercolored hues, human sized matchsticks, gargantuan lily pad gardens, and crazy Alice in Wonderland distorted furnishings – all burst forth from her tiny studio.

Surrounded by her concepts and aspects of her persona, JeeYoung poses herself within the final exposure. The works become a kind of self portrait, each with their own fantastic and surreal dream scape. And all this the old school way, without any PhotoShop!






If you find your lucky self in France, you may see her pigment prints, in her upcoming solo show - Stage of Mind.

On exhibit at the Opiom Gallery from Feb. 7th thru March 7th, 2014.







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