Jason Wheatley, Gently Down The Stream



Featured Artist: Jason Wheatley

Jason Wheatley (also known as Ti Ku) paints fantastic still lives with surreal wildlife imaginings. Gorgeously rendered animals perch among common objects, bright saturated colors pop and drip within the backgrounds and the eyes of strong beautiful animals speak volumes. Painted with obvious empathy, the graceful and stoic beauty of his wild creatures contrast sharply with the inanimate, stiff manmade objects. Somehow, Jason pulls together many eclectic influences into his imagery – the mastery of Dutch still lives, splashes of Communist China red pigments and Japanese carp,  decorative motifs and geishas – all flow together flawlessly.


“I feel life is but a dream and I continue to row my boat gently down the stream.”


Featured directly below, is  a cropped detail of a stunning piece of Jason has currently on exhibit.You may see it in person in the Feral Creatures show, at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, on view thru February 8th, 2014. This is a group show with a celebratory mix of the real and fantastic which explores connections between the human spirit and the animal kingdom.



Jason Wheatley  (10)

Jason Wheatley 13



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