Jacub Gagnon, An Unreal Nature

Jacub Gagnon fox nest

Featured Artist: Jacub Gagnon

 Toronto artist Jacub Gagnon creates dramatic works that are flawless representations of the animal kingdom with surreal props spotlit against black backgrounds. Detailed anthropomorphic characters act out their tales on his stage – stoic and stately, full of grace and contemplation. Whether growing long beards or balancing teacups on their heads, his critters are soulful beauties interacting with one another in a whimsical and lovely scenario.

 I create images that question and entertain the discussion of connectivity.  Within the stage that is my canvas, I present animals and objects in bizarre manners, placing them in scenes that oppose practicality.  My paintings become a space in which nature becomes unnatural, bordering surreal. 

Jacub’s show Worlds Collide is currently on view at Thinkspace in Los Angeles, through July 12th, 2014

(Don’t miss the fantastic concurrent shows of Erica Rose Levine and Brian Mashburn  also on exhibit!)

Jacub Gagnon Gagnon_Deer-Friends-600x465 Gaia-Jacub_Gagnon-Acrylic-trampt-81932o Once Upon a Time-1 Store Spineless

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