Isabel Samaras: Painting a Better Yesterday, Today!

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Local artist fantastique Isabel Samaras has a show of new works opening this Saturday at Varnish in SF. Featured here are two of the new pieces, both of them takes on the old Gillagan’s Island TV characters we all knew and loved. Just knowing the Howells quirks – Isabel’s witty sardonic tribal dressings with all the fixins’ make them that much better. She really nailed that lights-on-no-one-is-home expression in Lovey’s eyes! This is a no-brainer weekend event for all you pop-surrealist fans out there.

“Making a Better Yesterday, Today”

Opening Reception: Saturday Nov 3rd, 6-9 pm,  Show Dates: Nov. 3 – Dec. 22nd

Varnish Fine Arts, 16 Jessie Street, San Francisco, CA

”Followers of Samaras’ work know that she has rarely made prints, but for this exhibition Varnish is proud to present a special collection of editions on wood (appropriate as this is the surface Samaras paints on). A “greatest hits” curated selection of signed and numbered images will be available for purchase…and just in time for the holidays!” – Via Varnish

The Eclectix Interview With Isabel

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