Issac Cordal’s Cement Tribes

isaac cordal global warming


Street Art: Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal’s cement tribes are little human sculptures fashioned of cement and then carefully placed in various locations and environments throughout the streets of Europe and beyond. His figures offer poignant commentary on global warming (above), political collapse, corporate corruption and ineptitude, environmental fragility and the isolated loneliness of the human condition. Beautifully placed and thoughtfully constructed, the small sculptures present themselves in a big way – packing the strong punch of a statement in a wonderfully understated and poignant vision.

The artist has titled these works Cement Eclipses and his book - Cement Eclipses: Small Interventions in the Big Citychronicles the misadventures of his tiny cement men.






“Oblivious to the casual passer-by, a tribe of small cement figures have been appearing in cities across Europe for the past several years. Left to fend for themselves amongst the chaos of everyday living, they can be found in the most unlikeliest of places. From paddling in gutters to sitting majestically on top of bus shelters, these concrete sculptures are like little magical gifts to the public. A small rip in the matrix of our everyday lives, that only a few lucky people will have both seen and loved, but so many more will have missed… Hidden in plain sight, what really makes these small figures magical is their sympathetic placement, bringing new meaning to the abandoned corners of our urban environment.” – Via Isaac Cordal, Website





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