Instagram Star: Gabe Angemi

Gabe Angemi

Instagram FotoFix: Gabe Angemi


While randomly scrolling the early Instagram a few years ago, we found the gritty street documentary photography of Gabe Angemi. He posts to Instagram under the name @ange_261 and Eclectix has been happily following him ever since.  Gabe always seems to ‘be there’, to capture momentous disturbing slices of inner city realities – buildings on fire, desperate homeless, firemen and paramedics in heroic action. He also has an incredible eye for down-home folks in their daily ‘hood, colorful everyday and slice-of-life shots.

Gabe’s posts are always interesting and intriguing – inspiring speculation on the part of the viewer as to just what went down, the story behind the subject. A very welcome respite from the plethora of cute pets and fuzzy food shots. Being ever-so-curious as to how he does it, we finally got around to looking him up.

Gabe Angemi

Gabe is a second-generation fireman from Camden, N.J., one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in the country. He shoots as part of the fire department’s Rescue Company, which responds to everything from industrial accidents to the brutal homicides that afflict the once prosperous city.

“I view it on a daily basis with my own eyes, my cameras, the fine people I work with, and the rest of the city—many of whom, like me, understand how it got this way … For me, viewing it through my cameras and showing people what’s going on is my way of telling the story and asking for help…”

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