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Foto Fix: Ed Valfre’s Dreamland

Ed Valfre is a photographer, musician and the author of two children’s books, Backseat Buckaroo and Vacationers From Outer Space. He has exhibited his photographs in Los Angeles, Bologna and Rome; he currently resides in Los Angeles. His photographic inspiration came from Robert Frank’s, The Americans and Chris Van Allsburg’s The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. 

Ed’s work is all linked by his singular vision from a sensitive human soul. His warm compassion exudes from his images, a consistent glimpse to the person he is within. Most of his photographs are accompanied by words, usually a short paragraph. Elegant prose of a dream or inspiration behind the image, reflecting reality and often outright fictional fantasies. Normally mundane and usual images transform into contemplative reflections and tender translations of alternate realities. Poignant and poetic, one can feel his love and empathy for the human race and all it’s eccentricities. A thread of lonely solitude also runs throughout the images, but one feels okay with this, accepting a Zen-like acceptance of all things life.

Ed’s website is aptly titled Dreamland.

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Ed Valfre



“The inspiration was the feeling I used to get opening the morning paper and seeing Gary Larson’s, The Far Side. It was the perfect way to start the day with a dose of humor and absurdity.” He says that he wants people to look at his work and have a little moment of the world being funny or magical. “If I can make a few people feel like that, then I’m happy.”



Instagram Star: Ed Valfre

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