In The Mail: Marco Mejia

marco mejia art


In our Eclectix mailbox recently was a wonderful, strange arty booklet by Marco Mejia, comprised of doodles, sketches, collage and words. Formatted on recycled pages from a place of employment (?) with mixed Xerox images – audio tapes,  VCR tape, dub mix notes and other such randomness. A fun and interesting little journal compiled with no overall master plan, just wonderful art that seems to have popped up during his day. Also included was a free bag of buttons – oh yeah, do we love buttons!


Marco Mejia art


Marco is a local artist who we’ve shown off and on, over the years here at Eclectix. His style is a mixed bag of 80′s punk flyer-cartoon-graffiti-illustration – with a great grasp of emotive portraiture. Fresh, un-pretentious and un-fettered, his works have always satisfied. Thank you, Marco!

For Marco’s more “finished” art, anime and his website click here.


Marco Mejia art

Marco Mejia artMarco Mejia art


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