The Faces of Ian Ingram


 Featured Artist: Ian Ingram

Ian Ingram has a series of masterfully rendered realistic, confrontational self portraits with imaginative twists. They are very large works executed in graphite, charcoal and pastel with a recent shift towards oil painting (see image above and detail, below). He expertly incorporates real objects and elements into his drawings – textiles, string, beads, wire, and gold leaf. One can’t tell where the drawing ends or the objects begin. His astounding attention to detail, beautiful textures and intense emotional presentation are superlative.


Ian Ingram - Eclectix

 ”Each time I start a new piece I watch my mind scramble about in a frantic search for content and meaning.  The blank page offers a vast potential for self-expression and my ego longs to fill it with false grandeur.  Each time my discipline lies in calming that urge and turning that wild scramble around to a steady inward march.  The challenge in finding subject matter is to connect with what and how I am feeling at the moment and proceed with the assurance that it is enough, that what I am experiencing is worthwhile, is in fact the only thing worthy of expression.  Generally there are conflicts in my thoughts.  Topics and issues have pros and cons (e.g. love brings attachment, but attachment leads to inevitable loss) and I usually have a great and exhausting internal battle about these.  Throughout the course of a drawing I do not find resolution to these conflicts.  I sit with them and look at them, and find beauty at their threshold.”

- Ian Ingram 





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