The Wonderbirds of Heather McKey

Heather McKey - Eclectix


Featured Artist: Heather McKey

The Wonderbirds of Heather McKey are delightful, imaginary feathered creatures with brilliant colorations and large human-like soulful eyes, embellished with organic forms. Sometimes they take on an anthropomorphic presence or merge with other lifeforms – sporting butterfly wings, dressed in pinecones or transported by shells. Set against vast scenic vistas with beautifully rendered botanicals, her invented birds are pop surrealist treasures. Cute with a dash of strange, the results are wondrously engaging and lovable critters.

Heather’s inspiration is rooted in her lifelong love for birds and the paintings of Martin Johnson Heade and James Audubon. Playing with nature, she often titles her artwork with scientific sounding names, as if it were a documented specimen in the real world. For more, visit Heather’s website.



Heather McKey - Eclectix



Heather has a solo show coming up you won’t want to miss!

Opening Reception: December 13th, 6pm-10pm.

The exhibition will run from December 11, 2014 – January 3, 2015

At: Distinction Gallery



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