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Featured Artist: Giulia Ghigini

We happened on Giulia Ghigini’s wonderful little series of black and white illustrative beetles in human predicaments and fell in love with them. (On looking closer the beetles may actually be cock roaches – but we like them anyway… )  Giulia was born in 1983 in the heart of an “industrious lowland in Italy” and she professes a huge love for images, with a workaholic state of being.


Featured Artist: Giulia Ghigini

Eclectix - Featured Artist


Also on her website are a number of great illustrations for various board games.

“I’ve pretty much always drawn all my life, although I never thought that you could make a living out of it. Growing up, let’s say that I wasn’t shining in anything else, so I kept on studying art after high school and little by little I’ve grown more and more interested in it. Working on board games was a coincidence: a friend of mine from high school called me  ­­to talk about this game that he and his associates were about to start and he asked me If I wanted to illustrate it… and I though why not? His friend was Lorenzo Silva from Cranio Creations and the game was Horse Fever.”

- Quote Via Board Games & My School

In addition, she has a sweet little color series based on the signs of the Zodiac – a fun, different and very original take on the traditional, somewhat boring symbols.

Featured below (in order), are Taurus (a bull), Pisces (two fish) and Leo (a lion).





LINK: To Giulia’s Website

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