Franz Szony’s Marvelous Montages

Stumbled on Franz’s work while updating the Eclectix event calendar with his upcoming show, Hapenis - at Project One. These are beautiful photographic montages, set-up scenes and seductive tableaus. His works can be a little X-rated, but very beautifully so,  mixing genders and genitalia with vintage props, nouveau motifs and bedazzled bodies. We took a look at his portfolio and fell in love with his newer works. These are taken from his website, quite a few are details from much larger complex montages, so you should definitely check them out here. Or better yet, pop in to the show and see them bigger and better in person!

We asked Franz to give us a little rundown on his process, here is his response:
 ”Each photograph takes me anywhere between several weeks to several months to create and set up. I sketch out design ideas before each photo, and then a blueprint before anything is made. I fabricate all my own sets and the majority of my costuming is antique or vintage pieces I find through ebay or auction houses. Once everything is created, a shoot usually lasts me an entire day, although for a couple large pieces I have spent several days shooting models and different elements that make up the photo. Without revealing too much of my “magic,” I usually tell people I treat my photography the same way vintage animation was created. In the old days of animation, one frame consisted of many different cels layered on top of one another (background, mid, character, vignette, etc) to make a scene. I create very much the same way, assembling the scene in different sections and overlapping each photo in the computer after.”

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