The Flora and Fauna of Frank Gonzales

Frank Gonzales

Feautured Artist: Frank Gonzales

Frank Gonzales’ subject matter is mostly flora and fauna, more specifically beautiful birds and gorgeous flowers. As beautiful nature renderings his paintings stand fine on their own – but what makes them “his” are the abstracted elements woven within. Little interruptions of vivid color fall like geometric raindrops down his images, adding a bit of wonderfully distracted chaos.

Frank says of his work, “My work is about taking forms in nature and making them my own. What I do is nothing new, but by using the language of color, composition, fragmentation, and representation my aim is to speak about these known elements and present them from a different perspective.” 

LINK: To Frank’s Website

Featured Artist: Frank Gonzales

Featured Artist: Frank Gonzales

Featured Artist: Frank Gonzales

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