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Susan Friedman


Featured Photographer: Susan Friedman

Susan Friedman is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and photographer, with a breathtaking series dedicated to horses, titled Equus . She has been a still photographer for many years and has had one-women shows both nationally and internationally, including Tokyo, Amsterdam, Berlin, and San Francisco.. Her still work is collected by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Oakland Museum, and the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris.


Susan Friedman


As a little girl – I, like so many others – fell in love with all-things-horse and Susan’s images reminded me of that early ritualistic fixation. They capture the living breathing beauty of a horse, the graceful curves of their anatomy and the soft flow of their mane. One can almost hear the soft whinny and smell the warm hay tinged air.

Usually in black and white or sepia, the photographs have a dramatic light, enhanced by impeccable cropping and a plain background which spotlight the shape and contours beautifully. These are studies in the motion and anatomy of a horse, not just the body – but almost the essence of their movement and inner soul surrounding these beautiful creatures. Not the cute happy snapshots one associates with horses  - but a surreal moment in time, capturing imperfections and perfection, tinted with the bittersweet stare of a caged animal.


Eclectix : Susan Friedman

Eclectix - Susan Friedman

Eclectix: Susan Friedman


For a peek at Susan’s other gorgeous mixed media works and subjects, go to her website here.


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