FotoFix: National Geographic 2012 Photography Contest

The results from National Geographics 2012 Photo Contest are in and as usual, there are some beautiful photographs to peruse. There are three categories – Nature, People and Places to browse through, week by week submissions (we wish you could easily browse through all the entries rather than clicking on individual weeks) and the final winners. All are worthy of an extended browse. We’ve selected four to share below, for more click link…

More than 22,000 entries were submitted from over 150 countries, with professional photographers and amateur photo enthusiasts across the globe participating.Link Via Nat. Geo. Website

 eclectix -national geographic photo contest Ashley Vincent


Above: The subject’s name is Busaba, a well cared for Indochinese Tigress whose home is at Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Thailand. I had taken many portraits of Busaba previously and it was becoming more and more difficult to come up with an image that appeared any different to the others. Which is why I took to observing her more carefully during my visits in the hope of capturing something of a behavioural shot. The opportunity finally presented itself while watching Busaba enjoying her private pool then shaking herself dry. In all humility I have to say that Mother Nature smiled favourably on me that day! - Ashley Vincent (Nature, Winner)



eclectix -national geographic photo contest Andrea Cittadini


Above: The Battle of Flour- This particular battle takes place during the traditional parade of Città della Pieve. The three Terzieri challenge each other with blows of bags of flour in a spectacular and chaotic battle in which fly in a few minutes quintals of flour. The air quickly becomes saturated of flour and in some moments is difficult to breathe. - Andrea Cittadini (People, week 8)



 eclectix -national geographic photo contest Chang ming chih

Above: Catching Fish, At night – Chang ming chih (Places, week 9)



 eclectix -national geographic photo contest Bjørn Jørgensen


Above: Aurora Phoenix – An outburst of Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) taken during a powerful solar storm in January 2012. The shape of the auroras resembles a bird spreading its wings.Photo LocationIn the fjord Grøtfjorden close to the city Tromsø in northern Norway. - Bjørn Jørgensen (Nature, week 3)



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