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Featured Artist: Suzanne Moxhay

The mixed media work of Suzanne Moxhay is surreal, desolate and beautifully strange. She creates digitally altered photographs of empty landscapes using a mixture of her own photographs, painting, and found images. They transport us into wonderfully scenic dioramas with a sense of both past and future, a kind of David Lynchian natural history museum.

Depicting urban and semi-rural landscapes, Moxhay recalls a time past and hints at an ominous future. What was once inhabited is now devoid of human presence and wild nature has reclaimed the abandoned spaces. Moxhay’s emotional and technical manipulation is masterful, leaving the viewer with an uneasy sense of foreboding and a story yet untold.



“When I originally started developing the kind of work I make now I was inspired by an old filmmaking technique – matte painting. In the past a matte painter would paint part of a film set on glass, parts of the set which couldn’t be filmed in reality – for example epic landscapes in the background. The paintings would be incorporated seamlessly into the film when they were filmed. I started by setting up a series of non reflective glass panels in my studio – kind of like flats, which I would cut and paste fragments of images onto in order to build up a montage.”

- Suzanne Moxhay -

Suzanne Moxhay -Eclectix










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