Foto Fix: A Micro Odyssey With Marco Castelli

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We Get Our Foto Fix: Marco Castelli

Marco Castelli is a fine art photographer living in Florence, Italy. His otherworldly studies of the growths in petri dishes are like little planets floating against a starry sky. Aptly titled – “A Micro Odyssey” – they are gorgeous and enchanting galaxies in black and white. Such a simple concept and idea has rendered remarkably complex visuals. Each image is named after the place the bacteria was swabbed from – such as: “Bus Handrail”, “Cat”, “Stranger’s Hand” or “Old Book”. 

These images subvert all logic: micro becomes macro and vice versa, the small features and form the large and the large leads the small in a vast and infinite space, the visible and the invisible reality are confused, as the light becomes author and accomplice our perception, our vision and our hearing.  - Caterina Pacenti, curator – 2016





How did this project come about?

My research comes from an interest in human beings and their environments. This time I wanted to do something totally abstract and concrete simultaneously. I tried to put a scientific art (photography) in direct contact with a scientific subject (bacteria). I love the mixing up of infinitely small and infinitely large: I mean, it’s fantastic to let microorganisms meet stars!
Also, I love to travel, but space isn’t easy to reach, so I just imagined how can I solve this? Paradoxically, I went to the smaller possible, to “elevate” myself. The universe is everything, we’re already part of it and the same is for micro organisms.





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