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Featured Artist: Caryn Drexl

Caryn Drexl is a self taught photographer, who takes portrait based, fantasy inspired shots. Many are self portraits with an added prop – sometimes an insect, pieces of plastic, vintage lace or a lighted halo. Specimens, natural and man made elements often dress up the figure adding eerie, perfectly misplaced elements. The outcomes are strong surreal glimpses into Caryn’s emotions and imagination, wonderfully dark and otherworldly.


Caryn Drexyl



I hate putting titles to my images, but when I do they usually mean little to nothing at all. My images are meant to be whatever you think they are, not what I tell you. Sort of like choose your own adventure books, only it’s choose your own back-story instead. And so I prefer to present them to you at face value and nothing more, that way you can react in whatever way you will, without my influencing you with an explanation of why [or how] I’ve done what I did and what it all “means”.



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caryn drexl


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