Fierce Fashion: Marina Hoermanseder

Fashion Design: Marina Hoermanseder-Eclectix



Fashion Design: Marina Hoermanseder

The original design of Marina Hoermanseder’s work is superlative, with obvious expertise and an eye for the avant-garde in every piece. The workmanship and linear perfection is fantastic, and whether you are into leather or not – one has to appreciate the quality and inspiration behind her work.

Marina is a Fashion Design graduate from Esmod Berlin International University of Art for Fashion and following her internship with Alexander McQueen last summer, she started creating her degree collection – Ilpox.

Her inspirations: skeletal and muscular conditions (tampered with by infectious skin disorders such as smallpox), orthopedic corsets, leather as sculpture by molding it to the body, fabric made from medical bandages, twisted buckles, body plates and loads of ruffled silk.



Fashion Design: Marina Hoermanseder-Eclectix



“I go wherever my creativity takes me. From whatever disorder people are suffering, I think fashion can serve as a medicine and shelter, giving support and self-confidence. So the original use of the corset as an orthopedic vest became the starting point for this collection. At some point I found myself on a journey to find a cure!”

“The colourful silk ruffles were inspired by serious skin conditions such as smallpox and represent skin that is falling apart. They provide a contrast to the stiff leather elements.”

“I wanted to design a collection that gave women support, that literally helped them stand taller, stronger. Many of my leather pieces are fully studded, I also moulded the corsets by wetting and twisting the leather to accentuate the spine curvatures.”



Marina Hoermanseder

Marina Hoermanseder-Eclectix


Fashion Design: Marina Hoermanseder

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