Featured Artist: Thomas Doyle

Thomas builds miniature worlds, places where things are not quite right, in a fantastic way. Houses or trees are upside down, facades are fake, structures are swallowed by the earth and furnishings tumble in earthquake-inspired chaos. Very detailed, they present one image from afar and as you zoom in, the story unfolds with sculpted tiny people in various scenarios. His website details each work wonderfully – taking you from the overall view, closer and closer until you can view the tiny human elements. 

“My work mines the debris of memory through the creation of intricate worlds sculpted in 1:43 scale and smaller. Often sealed under glass, the works depict the remnants of things past—whether major, transformational experiences, or the quieter moments that resonate loudly throughout a life. In much the way the mind recalls events through the fog of time, the works distort reality through a warped and dreamlike lens.” 

Thomas currently has some works in Reality and Imagination in Contemporary American Art, at the Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina (Palazzo Strozzi) in Florence, Italy, on view through July 15th. 

This was originally published on the homepage of Eclectix, 
in the “Places” (travel & landscape related art) issue, July- 2012
For the “Places” online exhibit, click here.
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