Featured Artist: Stephanie Buer

Featured Artist: Stephanie Buer began pursing her art career in Detroit, Michigan. She fell in love with urban exploration and spent the next ten years developing her art there.
Her urban landscapes explore the many layers of history found in the marginal areas of our cities. She is fascinated by how these places change as they succumb to the manipulation of vandals, artists and the resilience of nature ever slowly growing alongside. Stephanie finds beauty and peace in these forgotten and unloved areas of our cities. 
“There are so many things that I love about these places. They have such history, and so many stories to tell. I like to think about the energy and creativity that first went into the building of these places, the architecture alone is amazing. Then after its abandonment, I love seeing how buildings succumb to nature and eventually how they have the potential to bring out so much creativity in the artists that visit them. Its a strange combination of abandonment and life. I enjoy the thrill of exploring and going into places where others would be too cautious to travel and seeing new beauty where people may only see ugliness and waste.”  - Via IllSociety
Stephanie produces color paintings and charcoal drawings and is currently exhibiting at Thinkspace in her sold-out solo show. – thru May 19th.
This was originally published  May- 2012
For the “Places” online exhibit, click here.
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