Featured Artist: Michael C. McMillen

Featured Artist: Michael C. McMillen- At the Oakland Museum in their permanent collection is a scenic diorama titled Aristotle’s Cage by Michael (above).  More than any other piece at the museum, it has always captivated and enthralled me – drawing me back again & again. You open a old screen door to enter a dark, small closet of a room and there laid out before you is a classic desert scene – a trailer with a TV flickering inside, sand dunes interrupted by crooked telephone poles, rusted abandoned cars, junked parts and a sunset glow behind it all. It feels like Harry Dean Stanton should walk in at any moment.
Michael creates drawings, paintings, sculpture, giant moving mechanical games, collaged film shorts, and exhilarating room-sized installations. He’s been making pieces since he switched from engineering to art in college many years ago, and then launched a movie career. He made models for “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and “Blade Runner”.
Photo credits: All Hail The Black Market, Oakland Museum
This was originally published  May- 2012
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