Featured Artist: Mateusz Niedbal

Mateusz’s works take us to the darker side – post apocalyptic wastelands and futuristic nightmares. A Polish artist, he works in photo-collage with mostly sepia, or black and white tones. They are heavily influenced by Hieronymus Bosch and Joel Peter Witkin. Mateusz creates surreal and fascinating places we love to look at – but don’t necessarily want to visit.

“Fascinated by ancient cultures and religions, I smuggle into my pictures symbols of passed centuries. My works comment on the modern world with its chase for money and fame. I create beings, life forms crammed in old post-industrial graveyards of civilization, writhing around in agony caused by lost hopes and their physiology.” 

This was originally published on the homepage of Eclectix, 
in the “Places” (travel & landscape related art) issue, July- 2012
For the “Places” online exhibit, click here.
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