Featured Artist: Laurent Chehere

Laurent is a photographer from Paris, France. His series of floating houses is splashing all over the web and for good reason. This is the best of digital art – a strong concept, well thought and executed – it’s not just cut and paste tidbits. They each have their own personality, complete with hints of human histories and circumstance.

“With his background in advertising, he cultivated a taste for mis-en-scène and other original concepts. His special interest in architecture and other off-beat ideas led to his series of “flying” houses, metaphors for travel.” - Via World of Photographers
“He shows us his poetic vision of weary houses, emerging from the anonymity of their streets to show us their hidden beauty.”
This was originally published on the homepage of Eclectix, 
in the “Places” (travel & landscape related art) issue, July- 2012
For the “Places” online exhibit, click here.
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