Featured Artist: Julio Vaquero

Featured Artist: Julio Vaquero creates very realistic paintings, installations and drawings of interiors, scenic images and still lives. Featured here are some paintings and a black & white drawing (above). He equates art and what we perceive as reality – into a system of representation and expression. 
“Vaquero sets out to study the appearance and surface of various objects, altering their textures, exposing their opacity and shine, and reflecting his experiments in large-format, hyper-realistic drawings. These household objects leave behind their nature as models and become art pieces in and of their own right, acquiring a complexity wrapped by the halo of their unique transformations.” - Via Miniguide, Barcelona
Julio lives and works in Barcelona and currently has an exhibition at Galeria Fucares, in Madrid until June 2nd. 
This was originally published May- 2012
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