Featured Artist: Daniel Merriam

Merriam is a master watercolor artist, creating intricate, surreal, many layered worlds with strong architectural elements. Incredible dreamscapes, they transport one to the ultimate fairy-tale-land. He currently lives in his own dream home in Maui.
“There were times when I felt like giving up, but eventually I turned things around by perfecting my artistic talent. If it had not been for my weaknesses, I never would have discovered my strengths. As my body of work grew, so did my place in the art community. …. Through my art I have learned the importance of following my heart.” – Via Daniel’s Website
“He’s been called a contemporary surrealist, but plain old surrealist suits him just fine. “Surrealism is a mindset rather than a movement in art,” he says. “It evolves from dreams. And the ability to illustrate those ideas is a talent that comes up once in a while in our society. It’s not taught or inspired by an art school. It can be inspired by seeing other art of its kind, but it’s more like a personality type.” – Via Art & Antiques
Current Exhibit:The Greatest Show On Earth,Thru June 20th, NYC, AFA Gallery
This was originally published on the homepage of Eclectix, 
in the “Places” (travel & landscape related art) issue, June- 2012
For the “Places” online exhibit, click here.
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