Fulvio Bonavia’s A Matter of Taste

Fulvio Bonavia hat - Eclectix

Fulvio Bonavia’s A Matter of Taste series is a feast in fashion. A crimson purse made out of raspberries, a hat of artichoke petals and a silvery, shiny sardine belt – bring food, fashion and art to a whole new level. His tools are: mad Photoshop and photography skills, gorgeous natural lighting and a super-creative vision.

Scent of Flower, another series by Fulvio - unites botanicals and fashion in a similar way – a moss encrusted handbag, a cactus clog and Bougainvillea earmuffs. Impeccably executed, they are fun and frivolous beauties of fantasy. Fierce fashion looks for any artistically inclined fashionista out there.

Fulvio Bonavia - Eclectix

While browsing his website, we were also very taken with some beautiful black and white photographs he took of the Venice Carnival, here.

Fulvio Bonavia is an award-winning advertising and editorial photographer known for his uniquely inventive imagery. He has used food to create haute couture apparel inspired by designers such as Alexander McQueen and Prada; crafted jewelry, accessories, handbags, and shoes out of edible elements for his book A Matter of Taste. Born in Italy, Fulvio started out as a graphic designer and illustrator of film posters before devoting his energies to photography. As a photographer, he brings his artistic and design sensibilities to each and every one of his pictures, doing all of post production himself so that his photographs are infused with his vision from start to finish. – Via Fulvio’s website

Fulvio Bonavia - EclectixFulvio Bonavia - Eclectix

Fulvio Bonavia - Eclectix


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