The Tribal Surrealism of Estela Cuadro

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Featured Artist: Estela Cuadro

Argentinian artist Estela Cuadro paints mythic and phantasmic art, full of shamanistic suggestion and surreal inner visions. Somewhat abstracted figures flow and float within their surroundings, full of brilliant colors and watery stains. Pagan gods dance with winged creatures and tribal women embrace fellow clan members in ceremonial garb. Like modern-day cave paintings, but with an obscure imaginative ethnicity all their own.


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“I associate more with surreal art – my characters, settings and everything I create has nothing to do with reality – it’s the distortion that I love to paint. Reality, my contact and experience is part of my inspiration. But the differences attract me to paint it, like a game… My artworks are based on the unconscious and then generate their own relationships. They are my dreams, relationships, life itself.”

( The above statement from Estela is translated by Eclectix, the best we could… )


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